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We bring science to the people – that’s why we address a wide range of events.

Our highlights

Garbicz Festival

The Garbicz Festival in Poland was our entry into larger events. Since 2016 we have been contributing to this extraordinary event and every year we look forward to setting up our installations in the Nerd Forest again.

Get Lost @ Lemon Studios Miami

Our first invitation to the United States was particularly exciting. In the spring of 2019, we packed our bags and flew to Miami. We showed three installations at the Get Lost event organized by Lemon Studios.

Chaos Communication Congress

There is no congress like the Chaos Communication Congress. The event with 17,000 people is hosted by the Chaos Computer Club. In the halls of Messe Leipzig, a space is created where everyone is invited to code, play, explore and relax.

The full range.

Explore our list of all past and future events.

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