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It’s not only about distributing scientific content, it’s about sharing the delight of discovery, of the outcome of an experiment, of the scientific process.

Our Mission

We try to generate new perspectives, make people question their reality and leave them standing in awe.

By presenting scientific content in an accessible and artistic way, we actively break down barriers to science. At events such as congresses, conferences, art and music festivals, we show interactive experiments and promote science education.

We are Scientists

The public often has a dusty image of scientists.
We want to change that.

Direct engagement with the public and interdisciplinary collaboration with artists not only imparts knowledge, but also creates a different image of scientists and science. One that shows that science is fun and should be done with and for society.


We tend to work together.

Project Sci.Com

Students communicate science
We support student projects with the aim of presenting research to the public.

The quantum escape challenge is a live escape game to inform about quantum technologies.

Parallax Lab

PARALLAX is a collective exploring the intersection between art and science.
Based on sharing skills, develop hybrid projects and doing creative research.


The traveling performance collective ArtesMobiles.