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Quantum Escape Challenge

Visit our lab, solve all the puzzles and start the quantum revolution.

In Short

Our Quantum Escape Room is a roughly 1 hour experience. Solve interesting puzzles and help our team start the quantum computer. Expierience what an escape room looks like when it is designed by scientists and maybe learn something along the way.

Details and Theory

project aims to introduce the world of modern quantum technologies to a broad audience through a playful experience. It involves a live escape game that immerses participants in the fascinating realm of tomorrow’s quantum technologies.

Overview: The player’s experience consists of three parts: Introduction, Gameplay, and Debriefing.

Introduction: Participants are first briefed on the concept of an escape room game. The objective is to collaboratively solve a series of puzzles within a set time frame. Clues essential for solving the puzzles are hidden throughout the room. To tackle one of the puzzles, participants are introduced to the fundamental principles of modern quantum technologies. An illustrative model is used to demonstrate the representation of quantum states on the Bloch sphere, the manipulation of these states with quantum gates, and ultimately, the functioning of a quantum computer.

Gameplay: Participants are received by doctoral students in a laboratory setting and are tasked with activating a quantum computer. This requires them to prepare quantum states and locate the corresponding quantum gates. The Escape Game is divided into three game strands that run in parallel and are brought together at the end in two final tasks. Specific puzzle details are not disclosed at this point.

During the puzzle-solving process, participants discover not only quantum gates but also question cards that inquire about potential future applications of quantum technologies. To complete the game successfully, participants must arrange the quantum gates on a control panel in a way that activates the quantum computer. If all puzzles are solved within 35 minutes, the quantum computer begins to blink, indicating the completion of the escape room.

Debriefing: In the post-game debriefing session, participants reflect on their impressions and the information they have gathered. The presented applications are briefly explained in terms of current research status, and any questions are addressed. Additional sources for in-depth exploration of the topic are provided if needed. 

This immersive experience not only engages participants in a thrilling escape game but also educates them about the exciting world of quantum technologies and their potential applications.