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Osci Vox

Bridging Sound and Sight

In Short

The Osci Vox is an innovative fusion of sound and visual artistry, employing an oscilloscope to transform audio input from one or two microphones into mesmerizing patterns. It explores the relationship between sound frequency, shape, and phase while engaging users in an interactive feedback loop.

Details and Theory

At its core, the Osci Vox utilizes an oscilloscope to craft captivating visual representations of audio input from microphones. In the “Single Player Mode,” it takes the microphone’s input, divides it into two signals, and introduces a delay to one of them. These signals are then displayed in the X-Y mode of the oscilloscope.

When users sing, whistle, or speak into the microphones, the Osci Vox produces intricate patterns that hold valuable insights into the nature of sound. Pure, singular notes form circular or oval shapes, while sounds with overtones generate more intricate patterns.

What makes the Osci Vox truly special is its instant optical feedback to sound. Users find themselves in a delightful feedback loop, encouraged to modulate pitch and volume to create specific patterns. This dynamic interaction between the user and the Osci Vox results in a playful dance of creativity.

In the “Multi-Player Mode,” each microphone is linked to either the X or Y channel of the oscilloscope. Here, two players can collaborate to craft shapes by aligning their frequencies perfectly or harmonically. They create lissajous figures and can rotate them on the screen by slightly adjusting their frequencies. This visual feedback harmonizes with audible beating in the sound.

The X-Y mode also serves as a powerful tool for exploring signal phase. Particularly in higher frequencies, users can manipulate the resulting shapes by extending their arm by half a wavelength or so. This shifts the signal phase, offering immediate feedback and revealing the intricate connections between wavelength, phase, frequency, and the speed of sound.

The Osci Vox, in its convergence of sound and sight, invites users to unravel the hidden symphony of science and artistry.