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Loco Loop

A Sonic Exploration of Repetition and Perception

In Short

Loco Loop, an innovative machine that invites you to manipulate, record, and play with auditory repetition. Discover how ordinary sounds transform into mesmerizing music through the power of looping.

Details and Theory

Explore sound and music with the Loco Loop machine. Manipulate what you hear and play together! Record any sound and listen how repetition makes noises become music. Notice how words may melt and change their meaning when repeated over and over. Speak, sing, burp or play percussion: various sounding objects are part of Loco Loop. Build sonic landscapes by adding more and more overdubs. You can also control the speed of playback – change your perspective on time by changing the tempo or length of the loop. Musical pitch is rapid repetition. It is what we perceive through our ears when the air vibrates very quickly. A sung note creates waves of air pressure. Those waves have a shape, the waveform and a rate of repetition , the frequency. With our ears and brain we experience these as timbre (tonal color; soft/hard/hollow/sharp/..) and pitch (tonal brightness; low/high), for example a particular vowel sung at a particular musical note. Hear it from different angles by changing the length of the recorded loop. Voices sound lower when played back slower and higher when played faster. Still the words remain recognizable; the vowels remain the same, because the shape of the waves remain the same.