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Infinity Cubez

Stepping into Illusory Depths with the Infinity Cubez

In Short

Prepare to be amazed by the Infinity Cubez! This captivating installation builds upon the concept of facing mirrors to create incredible depth. While the mirror effect is commonly employed to give rooms a larger appearance, the “infinity cube” takes this to an extraordinary level. Instead of just two mirrors, twelve mirrors form the structure, each adorned with internal LEDs. The twist: these mirrors are semi-mirrored, allowing you to peer into the cube from the outside.

Details and Theory

At the core of the “infinity cube” lies the mesmerizing geometry of a dodecahedron – one of the renowned Platonic solids. Comprising 12 identical pentagonal faces, this structure boasts 30 edges, 20 corners, and 12 sides. It’s a mathematical marvel that forms the foundation of this optical illusion.

Inside the Infinity Cubez, approximately 750 LEDs are intricately positioned along a 6-meter strip. These LEDs are orchestrated by a small mini-computer and can even be controlled using a mobile phone. When illuminated, these LEDs collaborate with the mirror configuration to craft the mind-bending visual effect.

The real magic emerges from the semi-mirrored nature of the mirrors. This unique characteristic enables you to gaze into the cube while stationed outside. The combination of multiple mirrors and clever illumination fosters an endless series of reflections that stretch into infinity, creating an illusion of profound depth that captivates the senses.

The Infinity Cubez experience immerses you in a realm where dimensions seem to defy conventional boundaries. The interplay of geometry, light, and mirrors beckons you to explore the mysterious world of optical illusions in a tangible and captivating manner.


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