Magic animation of a spinning sculpture

What is it about?

In the presence of a strobe light, we only see individual moments which our mind connects to a continuous motion, like in a stop-motion movie.

We use this effect to create incredible optical illusions. If we spin a sculpture, which has a special structure abiding the rules of the golden ratio around its own axis, and illuminate it with a strobe light, the illusion of a forever growing bloom can be created. Concept by John Edmark

Details and Theory

Our eyes are easy to trick. In the presence of light we can perceive visually, in the absence of light we cannot. An alternating presence and absence of light can be created using a stroboscope, usually associated with the disorienting environment of a club.

Strobe light can be used to analyze periodic movements. Every oscillation or vibration can be “slowed down” by lighting it with extremely short light pulses close at a frequency close to the frequency of the oscillation.