EXPERIMENTAL STAGE PROJECT is a young Berlin-based collective doing science communication. We try to generate new perspectives, make people question their reality and leave them standing in awe.

It’s not only about distributing content that we learned in our university courses, it’s about the delight of discovery, about the outcome of an experiment, the scientific process. Our installations mainly deal with physics phenomena, but also the basics of  human perception. Right now (August 2019) we have about 14 installations, many of them interactive. Some of them you can find in our gallery and at our next events

We’re always open for collaborations and new team members. If you’re an artist, scientist, programmer, carpenter, dancer,  … or just another human like us you can contact us via social media (fb, instagram) but may also just write an email to info[at]xstageprojet.com

If you’re intersted to have our installations at your event, drop a message and we’ll send you our portfolio.

In case you want to support us finiancially, because you like what we do, you may use this donate button :]